Who we support

We don't believe in any business that benefit just themselves. It can be very easy to get carried away in your own artistic endeavours as a company or a solo performer and forget about the bigger picture. The simple fact that a career in entertainment is a viable one, in our opinion should be seen as a enormous privilege in itself. 

If one was not so lucky with the lottery of birth then simply writing this would be incomprehensible when all your thoughts lie in having enough food, water, shelter and so on.

But it's easy to talk the big talk and it's even easier to use charity as some sort of good deed bragging right or some other self serving purpose in disguise. We hope to tread this line carefully, steering clear of this and aiming only to inspire others to also give what they can, if they can. 

We have future plans to start an organisation of our own aiming to enrich lives around the globe, for now however we are starting small with a lack of money and resources. We will use the current opportunity to support those pre-existing charitable organisations that are currently doing some very honourable work within the circus community.

Afghan MMCC is a mobile circus school in Afghanistan, currently they have had to repurpose their facilities to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and are looking for support to do so - we commit a percentage of our profits each month to try and help them and as we grow we hope to give more accordingly. 

"MMCC is a nonprofit organization inspiring children to discover their potential and take the lead in creating lasting cheerful societies."


We have been following them for a while on social media and it looks like they have been doing some fantastic work and are truly reliant on the help and donations of others.