Which Massage Gun Should I Get? [REVIEW]

Which Massage Gun Should I Get?

Comparing the best massage guns on the market.

Massage guns have revolutionised the fitness industry; Recovery is no longer boring and laborious. It's no longer the 5 minutes of stretching after training that you should probably do but can't be bothered. Practicing your recovery is now as much a part of training as anything else.

Many people only think about 'recovery' when they are injured. It's only after straining your back that you go to the physio and get exercises and stretches that in reality you should of been doing all along.

99% of injuries are preventable. This is according to Kelly Starlett who has given us one of the most insightful books of the decade when it comes to injury prehab and rehab. His claim is that 99% of injuries are due to over-tension (lack of stretching & massage) and poor technique (from whatever activity you're doing).

So where does the massage gun come into this?

In the past massages were usually thought of only as a luxury or as a last resort. Unless you're a sports professional it's unlikely you would be getting them regularly and lets be honest, they aren't cheap. 

But just because it's not widely accessible or because you don't use it frequently, doesn't mean that you shouldn't have it more often, or that you would not benefit from doing so. 

The massage gun brings us the accessibility and ease of use that we need to make our monthly or yearly treatment into a weekly or even daily thing. Of course there are other tools for self-recovery (which I have detailed here), but the foam roller and massage ball does not quite have the same appeal. We want to exert minimal effort and have the maximum benefit. This is exactly what you get with a massage gun, you don't have to hold yourself up in an awkward position, you don't even have to apply much pressure to get the feeling you want.

So anyway, which massage gun is best?

I have experimented with several brands and types of massage gun over the last couple of years. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur. I definitely feel like I have experienced a good amount and want to share with you what I've learnt.

They are all pretty much the same.

Sorry to the massage gun manufacturers of the world, truth is many different brands use the exact same device and slap a different logo on it. You can confirm this by checking on Ali-baba (Chinese manufacturers) and play match the model with the manufacturers.

With this in mind, of course the first one that i brought was the cheapest one I could find on Amazon:

Bozap Massage Gun

View the Bozap Massage Gun on Amazon.

I had absolutely no qualms with this brand and still use it to this day. The end.

No I'm joking, this massage gun was great but using it brought up a few issues that I hadn't considered before owning one. It's not really the efficacy of the massage itself that differentiates the massage guns but it's the little things that go alongside it:

  • Size
  • Sound
  • Shape
  • Settings
  • Reach
  • Attachments

Lets start with the settings, attachments. These two elements are often sold as key features of different models. My experience is that these are the two least important things. I personally only use two heads; the smaller more pinpointed head and the larger softer head, these are exactly the same across most models.

Settings wise I am more than happy on the lowest setting, to add more pressure I find it very easy to do so with my own muscles, it takes an extremely small amount of push to make the massage gun feel much more intense.

 Size & Sound?

Now these are two factors that I didn't think about until it was too late. My trusty Bozap, as great as it is, inside the case takes up a huge amount of room. It was only when packing my bags when I realised it would be impossible to bring it along with me. That's where we bring in...

Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

View the Addsfit Mini Massage Gun on Amazon. 

The portability of the Addsfit really makes a massive difference making it easy to throw in your day bag or pack it for longer trips which is not as possible with the other models. 

It's small but it's still powerful, no quality has been sacrificed to for the size reduction and actually it's up there with the best. It's noticeably much quieter too, this isn't something you think about until you want to use it at 2am or while watching a movie, but it makes a big difference. 

Massage guns are almost the perfect product, the major disadvantage is that when you're using them solo there are cetain areas of your body that are inaccessible to reach (mainly your back and shoulders), bring in...

The Theragun - Massage Gun

View The Theragun on Amazon. 

The design of the Theragun is one of it's most prominent features, it's handle shape allows you to vary your grip and reach to areas that it is not possible to do using other designs. It also boasts a further depth than other massage gun decisions which helps even more so when you're aiming for those hard to reach areas. 

The Theragun is pretty much the gold standard of massage guns. If you are a professional athlete, massage therapist or just if you want the best of the best, this is for you.

but we aren't all made of money and obviously it comes with quite a hefty price tag. What I would recommend in this instance and actually probably my overall favourite is the Addsfit Mini.

The Portability of this one really was a game changer for me and considering all of it's other features are generally extremely high quality. Great deal for the price.

If you're just looking for the cheapest option that still does the trick, you definitely won't be disappointed with the Bozap.

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