What is Three Kings Circus?

A Circus Inspired Brand.

The Circus dates back to ancient Rome with the gladiators fought and the chariots raced all within the spectacular arenas called ‘circuses’. Throughout history we see examples of jesters, clowns, dancers and acrobats that all helped lay the foundations to create what circus is today.
What we think of as the ‘real’ start of modern Circus was in 1768 when Philip Astley first opened his equestrian orientated circus show.
Circus is far from a new thing, but throughout its evolution and it has certainly become modernised, since contemporary circus began to emerge in the 1970s the public are slowly but surely starting to acknowledge it in a new light.
Touring big top circuses are still going strong, rooted in tradition they continue to amaze and entertain. However we see that circus is no longer restricted to just that; it has infiltrated all walks of entertainment in its different forms; performances in nightclubs, shows performing in the most renowned theatres in the world, circus technique being taught as a fitness class and so on..
The Internet has facilitated the watching, learning and understanding of circus I made it more accessible than it ever has been before.
Imagine telling people 50 years ago that you run a circus company that didn’t involve a big top or a ringmaster. It would be unheard-of, even today most people will still be shocked to hear there is an actual degree in Circus arts. We can see the evolution of Circus in front of us it’s exciting, inspiring and we definitely want to be involved.
So where is the aim for Circus to go I hear you ask! To be as general as possible I think most [circus] people would like to see a shift of the public’s perception to what circus actually is, more acceptance and understanding leads to growth and the rise of new exciting opportunities. I think this is naturally happening already, it is slowly creeping into the public eye and it’s different forms throughout all mediums of entertainment.
I don’t think an individual can say which direction circus should be going, but what I can say is this; it was entirely coincidental that I found out about circus even though it aligned perfectly with everything I did up until that point. Having the opportunity to immerse myself in circus school and working professionally as a performer was the best thing to happen to me, to live a life that I never knew existed is pretty amazing, especially because it came from such a coincidental series of opportunities.
The smallest pebble can trigger the biggest landside: had I switched on the television an hour later I would’ve missed the documentary that introduced me to acrobatics and changed my life. Had I been put in a different class I would not have met the person who told me that circus school was a real thing and it was actually viable to make a career out of your passion.
If we can provide that opportunity, to ignite that spark within just one individual and we will feel it’s an accomplishment and that we are on the right path to success.