Bruce Lee is one of the most well know and inspirational figures of the 20th Century. Despite living a short life, Bruce accomplished more than most people can even begin to imagine. His reputation as a martial artist, actor, philosopher live on to this day and he remains to be hugely popular and widely celebrated all around the world.

In this article I want to share with you my 'top 5' books about Bruce Lee, his work and his life.

Be Water My Friend 

 View Be Water My Friend - The True Teachings of Bruce Lee.

 Written by Bruce's daughter, Shannon Lee. This book dives deep into the philosophy of bruce and what lay at the core of his teachings and actions. There are also some exclusive (not told before) stories of his life. This book is very well received as a mindset / self-help type book even if you are not a 'fan' of Bruce. 

The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

 View the Tao of Jeet Kune Do on Amazon.

 Written by Bruce Lee himself, this book is probably one of the most influential in the history of martial arts books. Jeet Kune Do is Bruce's own fighting system and this book dives deep into his theories, training methods and techniques. Full of his own writings and illustrations.

Bruce Lee A Life Biography

View Bruce Lee - A Life (by Matthew Polly) on Amazon.

There are quite a few biographies of Bruce's life out there, but this one is definitely up there as one of the best. Matthew Polly researched for over a decade before releasing this book and it's the most detailed and honest account of his life that exists to date. 

 View Striking Thoughts - Wisdom for Daily Living on Amazon.

This is a philosophical 'thoughts' type book. A fantastically easy read but each page contains some very profound thoughts. A perfect coffee table book and a definite must have for any Bruce fan or anyone looking to shift their own mindsets.

The Art of Expressing The Human Body Bruce Lee

 View The Art of Expressing The Human Body on Amazon.

This book is the most in depth resource to understand Bruce's actual training methods, diet and understanding how he shaped his physical body in the way that he did. This book is full of his actual routines explained and broken down, his actual diet and the way he thought about nutrition. 

For anyone interested in how he actually trained to achieve his physique, exception speed, flexibility and so on - here it is!


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