Mini Massage Gun [Review]

The Mini Massage Gun Review

The smallest massage gun on the market.

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Injuries can be prevented. Well at least 99% of them can. Overtension and poor technique are the main culprits for 99% of injuries, both these things are completely within our control yet we find ourselves making the same mistakes over and over again.

But of course it's not quite as easy as it sounds. To properly take care of your body; warming down properly, stretching, accessory exercises, massage - all of these things are skills in themselves and take a huge amount of time to learn, let alone to do every day. It's the same with technique, it's easy to tell someone to lift without curving their spine, but to actually perform seamless technique is a symptom of mastery and not something a beginner will be able to do.

The best way to progress towards achieving this mastery and creating new habits and implementing extra elements to your training is to do one step at a time.

Doing one simple, effective and (most importantly) rewarding thing repeatedly for a certain period of time will create a habit and from then onwards doing this will be second nature. If you use this process of picking up one habit at a time, over the months or years you can transform yourself into a completely new person and athlete.


Mini Massage Gun

 The mini-massage gun is just this; it's made the concept of massage into something that's accessible in a way it never has been before. Sports massage has long been a staple of any professional athlete's training, known to boost recovery and keep the body working optimally - I don't know a single person that would not benefit from a regular massage. The reason that they are not more popular is:

Convenience: It can be quite an event to have a massage; traveling there and back, waiting around, showering before/after. Usually you would have to book in advance and so cannot have one impusivey as you feel.

The massage gun fits in your pocket and can be used anywhere. The noise is under 40 dbs (extremely quiet) and the battery life is over 6 hours.

Price: Having a massage is not cheap and can cost you anywhere from £40 - £100+ for an hour.

For around the price of a single massage you can purchase unlimited, instant massages with the mini massage gun.

Comfort: Having a massage isn't for everyone, some people find it hard to relax or awkward to be massaged by someone that they don't know. 

If this is you then self-massage really is for you.

The massage gun is a simple solution to all these problems - clearly is not going to be the exact same experience, but the benefits far outweigh anything else. 

When the massage gun was introduced it immediately revolutionised the market; consistent and adjustable pin-pointed pressure as and when you want it. The only initial disadvantages were the noise and battery life - both issues are non-existent with the Mini Massage Gun. 


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