Easy Posture Fixes - Stop SITTING all day.

Fix bad posture caused by sitting all day.

From Nerd-neck to lower back ache.

This may come as unwelcome news but.. sitting at a desk all day is bad for your health!

There is no use 'beating around the bush' it always has been, always will; humans are not designed to be static. This is something we all know but at the same time all ignore. Think about the last time you were on a airplane and sat still for 5 hours+ at a time, you develop aches, swelling, become stressed and uncomfortable.

Just because we have these concepts of an "8 hour work day", an "office", "relaxing on the sofa", "meeting in a coffee shop".. Does not mean the human body is designed to do these activities, nor does it mean these are the things you should be doing to attain optimal health. 

Almost everything we do revolves around sitting in a different type of seat and it's pretty ridiculous when you think about how true that really is.  

The science is in full agreement (BMJNHS & Science Daily) and really most of us know it too. 

The Solutions

Simply, you have to keep moving and changing position. No it's not musical chairs. Every 20 minutes, you should change position - and not just adjusting yourself on the seat. 

The most basic way of making this change would be simply from going from sitting to standing and one tool to make this much easier is the standing desk.

Adjustable Standing Desk
Although at first glance, it looks pretty similar to any old standard desk, that's the hidden beauty. It looks normal but in just a few seconds the height can be adjusted from sitting level to standing level making it incredibly easy to switch between. 

Make sitting down productive in itself by upgrading your office chair to a Yoga Ball.

Yoga Ball

Such a small change can really make a big difference. Yes it's slightly more physically taxing than you're probably used to. But we need to get rid of this misconception that our muscles should only be working when we're "working out". To protect your spine you should keep some degree of tension in your abs at all times and that's something that sitting on a yoga ball can really help.  

Laptop Stand is a cheap but incredibly effective tool that can significantly benefit your neck posture.

Laptop Stand
A huge issue that we have nowadays is nerd neck. The posture we find ourselves in constantly looking down at our phone or at a screen. Simply raising your laptop so it's higher can make a huge difference in making it possible to actually sit straight and upright instead of slouching over to type. 


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